Göran Bernhardsson, Founder
With almost 30 years experience in the industry, Göran lives and breathes HVAC. From his time as president and director of Fläkt (now FläktWoods) Installation in both Stockholm and Brussels, to his founding of Pluggit GmbH, a pioneer in the market of heat recovery for domestic ventilation, Göran has continuously pursued ways to improve current HVAC alternatives.

Interests: Golfing, snowboarding, and driving his wooden Viking-style boat in the North Sea

Peter Wallin, Founder
This isn’t Peter’s first time around as a company founder. In the early 90s, he began Devellum, a design and development firm that has grown into one of Sweden’s largest and most well respected. After nearly two decades of creative engineering for organizations such as Scania and Boeing, he set his sights on developing the CR Duct System. His ability to find simple solutions for complex problems has been vital in bringing Climate Recovery to the market.

Interests: Automobile history, sailing, and racing his Porsche on test tracks

Andreas Wallin, Engineering Manager
Every time we get a new machine or component at the Climate Recovery production facility, Andreas is the first to take it apart to understand how it works. A tweak here or there might make it perfect…right? This goes for when he has designed it himself as well. His time spent at some of the premier engineering design firms in Sweden has led him to this next step at CR: where his created designs aren’t handed off to a client, but where he can enjoy seeing them in action.

Interests: Planes, automobiles, and riding horses on the island of Öland

André Bouyer, Engineering Manager
Quickly approaching his 25th year in the engineering business, André joined CR to get us to the next level. His past experiences of designing and building machinery, ranging from paper to furniture manufacturing, provides CR with an opportunity for even more innovation. Running his own business for the past six years allows for a comprehensive view of turning his creations into solutions.

Interests: Bringing humor to the office (being born in Australia helps), boating with his wife and two kids, and the IRONMAN (5 finishes)

Kristofer Wallin, Quality Control Manager
Engineering CR products is one thing; but ensuring that they meet standards is another. Kristofer has been working hands-on with Climate Recovery since 2010. He has helped to develop the products from rough sketches into final products that have met strict European requirements. With a keen eye for detail, his past roles in design have made him a key part the CR team.

Interests: Muscle cars & power boats, water skiing, and spending time with his wife and two kids

Jarl Bengtson, Sustainability & Regional Sales Manager
What do the UK, Holland, and Denmark have in common? Besides the monarchies, we mean Jarl. While with Zehnder, a global environment and health company in the ventilation industry, Jarl helped to establish these sales markets. In Denmark specifically, he developed market entry from the ground up. Not satisfied with only sales, Jarl has extended his focus to the sustainability of products and organizations, especially in the start-up phase; which is perfect for a company substituting glass and sand for sheet metal.

Interests: Vegetarian cooking, his twin daughters, Beau & Thelma, and searching for crocodiles in the Amazon (that’s not a joke)

Ryan Cekander, Marketing & Regional Sales Manager
Born and bred in the good ole USA (for good or bad, you decide), Ryan has firm roots in marketing. Time spent at an integrated marketing agency in Chicago provided him with a base for success; little did he know that it would be in Europe. A strong research and strategy background has led Ryan to define the voice, look, and feel with which Climate Recovery speaks to the world.

Interests: Manchester United, chess, and searching worldwide for the perfect burger

Patric Johansson, Production Manager
Putte, as he is known to us, has a wide-ranging background. His career started and continued for 18 years working with people with disabilities, namely autism. He then made the jump to a production supervisor with Scania, the Swedish automotive manufacturer. Prior to joining CR, he even spent time as a sales manager for online advertising. These experiences allow Putte to see from all different angles while securing efficient production of CR Products.

Interests: Golf, cycling, and flying (preferably in the cockpit)