It is time to wake up

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) market and duct industry has remained relatively unchanged for decades: round or rectangular pre-shaped sheet metal, with insulation added later. But should we really just accept this? Climate Recovery was built around the idea that the HVAC world should wake up from these decades of rest and start enjoying fresh ways of thinking.

A simple cup of coffee can change everything

For Göran Bernhardsson (more about Göran here), a cup of coffee was what it took to really wake up. While renovating his home, he realized something: how could installing a one meter piece of sheet metal duct, a limited resource that moves air with less pressure than what is in your average cup of coffee, cost so much? This didn’t even take into account adding insulation afterwards. There had to be another way.

Enjoy a fresh, new set of products

Göran went to a friend and colleague, Peter Wallin (more on Peter here), to develop this idea: a pre-insulated ductwork system that could offer an adaptable alternative to the HVAC market. Over the course of seven years, these two designed and developed what is now the Climate Recovery Duct System. Ever since, CR has been enjoying our work in creating new products and new ideas that everyone can enjoy trying on.

Get moving with CR

We are challenging an industry that has been set in stone (before sheet metal, concrete was the norm) for years with products to create exciting new opportunities, for yourself and your customers. Join in the CR movement to bring sustainable alternatives to the HVAC market. Together, we can all succeed in our mission:

Enjoy work, Create business.