Insulation included

Everyone in the ventilation industry knows that adding insulation onto mounted sheet metal fittings is slightly painful; both by those installing and those paying. The CR Fitting high quality pre-insulation means your project will go faster, cost less, and even better: it will look good.

Plug and play with existing installations

CR Fittings have been engineered to fit standard, round sheet metal duct sizes throughout Europe. It will be no problem for you to throw in a CR Bend or CR T-piece to an existing sheet metal installation, or even retrofit an entire project with the CR Duct System. Oh, and did we mention they are pre-insulated?

Give in to the pressure

Designing duct systems with low pressure drops are crucial for lifetime costs for decades to come. CR Fittings, as well as CR Ducts, have slightly larger dimensions than corresponding round sheet metal systems. Up to 20% lower pressure drops in small dimensions, and even 5% in the largest dimensions of the CR Duct System, you can leave a lasting impression, and advantage, for your customers.