Climate Recovery wins International Product of the Year for 2nd time
Swedish pre-insulated duct system receives recognition from Global Insulation

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Krakow, Poland:
On September 26, Climate Recovery (CR) AB was announced as the winners of Product of the Year at the 2017 Global Insulation Conference held in Krakow, Poland. After a previous 2016 Product of the Year prize from Insulation Expo (IEX) in Köln, Germany, CR was again recognized for their pre-insulated Climate Recovery Duct System, which offers an innovative round duct solution for commercial and residential applications in the heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) and insulation markets.

Managing Director and co-founder Göran Bernhardsson, former VD of Fläkt Installation (now a branch of FläktWoods), said “It’s great to see our system receive recognition from the insulation industry. Since our founding in 2008, we have been working to provide a more sustainable solution to the insulated HVAC market. Our goal is for the HVAC industry to see that there are better ways to utilize sheet metal than for simply moving air. Our system, made mainly from glass and sand, offers just that.”

The CR Duct System delivers results for installers, consultants, and building owners through:

  • 50% faster project times, due to a simple installation process that offers Class D tightness, perfect for new buildings or renovations desiring energy efficiency;
  • 80-90% CO2 savings versus standard sheet metal alternatives in HVAC;
  • Logistics benefits, with up to 90 meters of ducts on a single pallet due to patented ability to package and ship flat, before returning to a round, robust shape;
  • 6 dB/m noise reduction, eliminating the need of added sound dampers and guaranteeing silence in homes and offices.

Climate Recovery manufactures and sells adaptable, pre-insulated ducts and fittings throughout the Swedish and European HVAC and insulation markets. The CR Duct System was innovated in 2008, with first sales coming at the end of 2015. Their headquarters and manufacturing center are located in Kalmar, Sweden.

For further details contact:

Ryan Cekander
Sales Manager
Climate Recovery
Tel: +46761950641