Simplify work, from transport to installation

Climate Recovery Ducts (CR Ducts) have a transformational ability that allows them to be packaged and stored flat, allowing over 80 meters of CR Ducts to fit on a single pallet. The CR Duct’s adaptability and round-to-rectangular transformational capability allows for fewer fittings; the natural sound damping means less silencers, combining for simplified installation and a better bottom line.

Handle more ducts with less strain

CR Ducts weigh over 50% less than their standard round sheet metal counterparts. This will require fewer hands needed when handling and mounting the CR Duct System, as well as giving your body a well-deserved break from all that unnecessary heavy lifting.

Become the most efficient installer around

A group of HVAC installation experts found that up to 50% of mounting time will be saved by the CR Duct System. This time reduction, with insulation already included, translates into cost savings and the ability to set yourself apart as the reliable “in-and-out” or refurbishment professional for insulated ductwork in your area.